Best tips and tricks of playing PUBG mobile game

If you read this article, I’m sure that you know how to download and log into PUBG. So, I skipped the login process. The main focus of this article is about how to improve your gaming skill in PUBG mobile games. Before going to the main point I like to introduce some basic things about this game. Players Unknows’s Battleground is an online battleground game. It was the Third Person Shooter (TPS) game when it was released. But in a recent update, they allow players to play First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming mode.


PUBG mobile games Lobby:

Players Unknown's Battleground (PUBG) Lobby

The lobby is the first interface when you log in to the game. This is where you can change yours all over the functions of the game, select your game type, invite your friends to play together, achieve your rewards and manage your inventory. Players can chat with global players in the lobby.

1.Choose a map where you wants to play PUBG mobile game:

There are five different types of maps are available in the PUBG game. These are:

  1. Livik,
  2. Erangel,
  3. Miramar,
  4. Sanhok,
  5. Karakin.

Livik Map in PUBG:

PUBG mobile game Livik map

The size of this map is 2km x 2km. This is a shorter length compared to the other maps and this map was created for playing quick matches. The battle starts between 60 players. Exclusive vehicles (Monster Truck) and firearms (MK12, P90) are available on this map.

Erangel Map:

If you are a beginner player in PUBG mobile games then I recommend you to play in the Erangel map. After choosing a map then you have to choose an island where you want to land. For beginner’s choosing an island is challenging for them. Because there are some pro players and newbie players island placed on PUBG mobile games maps. If a beginner player land on a pro player’s island they sometimes discover that they got killed instantly after landing on the island. This experience may fall a bad impact on new players. The length of this map is 8km x 8km.

Here is the Pro players island and beginner players island separated by three colors. Red, Orange, and Green color. Red defines the hot drop that means maximum pro players land on these islands. The competition is so high that if a newbie player land on this island they will easily get killed by other players. As a beginner you better land on a newbie players island. Look at the image given below:

PUBG mobile game Erangel Map

Green Marked Areas:

Zarki, shooting range, severny, stalber, kameshki, quarry, ferry pier, and primorsk is generally low competitive areas. If you just download the game, then I recommend you to jump to any of these areas. You won’t get very well armor in these areas but you can survive here better than the other islands.

Orange Marked Areas:

The orange marked area indicates the intermediate-level players landing area. In my opinion, if you think you are playing well in green marked areas then try on these orange marked areas. Yasnaya, polyana, rozhok, hospital, ruins, manson, gatka, lipovka, prison, shelter, farm, and mylta are for the intermediate players. The competition is the slightest harder than the green marked areas.

Red Marked Areas:

School, Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base, Novorepnoye, Milta Power, and Pochonki is called hot drop area. You will meet some Expert players on this island. They are well lander and their movement is so fast that a newbie player can’t defeat them. Later I’ll discuss how you can land fastly on an island and improve your fingers movement. These places are best for looting. Players will see lots of loots in these places. The rarest 8x scop and M24 snipping gun available in these areas. But you have to be more competitive to play in these areas.

School: The school is located at the center point of the Erangel map and this is the toughest place to play until you are a pro player. Landing on the roof could be the best opportunity to fight against your enemies but if you take too much time in landing then you may get killed too early. You can loot good quantities of loots from the school including assault rifles, 2 or 3 levels vests, helmets, and more equipment.

Sosnovka Military Base: This place is located at the southern edge of the Erangel map. This place is also best for looting and obviously, this area is also very competitive. High quantities of weapons, armors, and attachments are placed here.

Mylta Power: This is a power plant area which is located on the east side of the erangel map. Good qualities of supply exist in this area including the sniper rifle equipment and level 3 gear. The other places of the red mark area are also good for loot. It is worthless to describe each of the islands. When you play you will be able to discover all over the experience.

Miramar Map:

The miramar map

Miramar is the third playable map on PUBG. Like the erangel map, this map is also 8km x 8km in length. Miramar is a desert map. Trees are barely seen on this map. This map is better for practice snipping. Win94 gun and mirado and mini buss vehicle can be seen in this map.

Sanhok Map:

The sanhok map

The fourth map playable map is the Sanhok. I love this map because of the graphics. There are too many trees on this map and these trees made this map more realistic. This map is a little smaller than the Miramar and Erangel and the length is 4km x 4km. The feature of this map is Tukshai and Scooter vehicle and QBZ weapon.

Karakin Map on PUBG:

Karakin map on pubg mobile game

Karakin is the last and the latest map released by the company. The distance of this map is similar to the Livik map. Both maps are for quick matches. The 2km x 2km length map lets you enjoy rush gamply. Karakin’s map is based on lots of hill track areas.

Well, now I hope you become familiar with all over the maps about PUBG mobile games. The next step of improving your gaming skill is landing.

How to properly land on PUBG mobile games island:

This is the first strategy for the players that should try to learn at first. Because if players are unable to land on an island perfectly they may not able to survive on this game. The person who landed on the island first will instantly pick a gun and knock you out from the game. Think about the net connection. If you lose your net connection while landing on an island what would happen next?
Your enemies will kill you directly without having tough fighting.

Now the question is how to land on an island perfectly ❓
The first strategy of landing is trying to land on Island quickly by measuring the angle. First, you have to mark the location where you going to land. You will see the distance between your plane and your marked location on the screen. When your plane and the marked location come between 1600m to 750m then jump from the plane.

You can see the landing speed on your device’s right side. If you start landing at 90° (90 degrees) then you will gain an insane landing speed. 90° angle landing is the best speedy angle of landing.
You should try to land on an island as early as possible and your landing target must be any residence area where you can find armors easily. We all know that in fields there are no weapons placed for PUBG players. So try to land on a residential area. After a perfect landing, you better search for armories. Don’t forget to take “Helmet” and “Vest” for reducing damage from the gunshot. The maximum level of helmets and vests is level three.

Keep Moving:

It’s hard to target a player while it’s moving or jumping. It’s not easy to kill an enemy by snipper shoot while it’s jumping. So, I recommend you to keep jumping while you are running through the safe zone. You better use a vehicle to move from one place to another.
When the zone starts coming towards you, you better find any vehicles to move into the safe zone. Because the zone reduces your hit point quickly depend on the zone point. The first zone harms a little damage but the last zone contains huge damage. So don’t underestimate the zone.

Fingering training:

In PUBG games finger practicing is most important to play better. The faster you can move the fingers the better performance you can do on this game. Play Arena Training, Team Death Match (TDM), or Training mode to improve your finger speed.

Use more fingers:

To become a pro player you need to use more fingers. Now you can question me why this is so important?
Just think if I bind your one hand through a rope and giving you the mobile to play the PBUG game by using only one hand. Could you play comfortably?
No! You can’t play better. Similarly, if you use your ten fingers you may become an insane player. I recommend a beginner player to play PUBG with at least three fingers.