Windows 12

For the beyond five years, Windows 10 has been Microsoft’s essential work area working framework. Albeit the organization gives no indications of resigning Windows 11 at any point in the near future, there have been a lot of rumors circulating about an upcoming Windows release called “Windows 12.”

That being the situation, I needed to make a move to settle a portion of these bits of gossip by discussing what Win 12 is, and what it isn’t.

Allow me to start by saying that in spite of what some Web locales appear to recommend, Microsoft has not made any declarations relating to Win 12. All things being equal, there are phony YouTube recordings professing to flaunt the new working framework, just as Web pages devoted to depicting each of the new highlights that we can expect in the impending Win 12 delivery. So does this imply that Win 12 is a finished scam?.Windows12


“Windows 12” Is Not What You Think It Is

The response to that question isn’t generally so clear as you would envision. In all honesty, Windows 12 is a genuine item. It is vital to note, notwithstanding, that Win 12 was not made by Microsoft. So if Microsoft didn’t build Windows 12, who did, and what is it?

One of the subtleties across Windows 12 is a number problem, however, a few months ago, someone posted a picture on Reddit that seemed to be, by all accounts, a natively built “Windows 12 Lite” working framework. As indicated by TechWorm, this functional framework, which claims to be several times faster than Windows 10, is much more than running a Linux Lite LTS that is designed to look like Windows.

It’s tempting to dismiss Windows 12 Lite as nothing more than a gag, but you have to consider whether Windows 10’s claim is three times faster than Windows 10’s. Let me say straight away that I don’t have a chance to try Windows 12 for myself (and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to buy a fake Windows working framework). All things considered, I tend to acknowledge the Windows 12 execution claims – with one key piece of advice.

Win 12

I think the explanation is that Win 12 Lite is several times faster than Windows 10. Undoubtedly, Lightweight Linux emissions work, much more than multi-gigabyte Windows working frameworks. Obviously, the equivalent can likewise be said for lightweight Windows working frameworks. For example, companies in Windows Server Center may rely heavily on using framework resources rather than a Windows server system that utilizes the entire work experience.

So what about that big caveat that I mentioned? Linux working frameworks are not locally equipped for running Windows applications. To run a Windows application on a Linux working framework, you should use a copy device like wine. Or you should run a real Windows working framework in your virtual machine.

Although it is conceivable that Win 12 itself is faster than Windows 10. I really wonder if Windows 12 will run Windows applications during the Windows 10 framework. It’s worth noting that Wine works well for a few Windows applications, yet not every Windows application works well.

So is there an effective alternative for those who use a lot of Windows applications? But who might be disillusioned with Windows 10? One possible alternative is to use a crossover Linux, a Linux add-on that allows you to run Windows and Linux applications on a single machine as well.

Of course, if you’re looking for a Windows 10 alternative, Windows 12 Lite is probably not the answer.

Another website that says about Win 12

Windows 10 is a great window with all the features that a user always dreams of. Microsoft is planning to improve the way it resets or upgrades Win 12 powered computers. As of now, Win 12 release date is not in the near future. The unique launch date has not yet been officially announced. However, you can pick up Win 12 by October 2021. Now again we can expect the same strategy from Microsoft and it will probably bypass Windows 11 OS and release Win 12 right after the last window of PC.Win 12

About Windows 12 Release date

Microsoft’s current position in Win is being considered as a service rather than a standalone product. I can see Windows 11 or 12 is a big update that adds an already active Windows 10 codebase.  Microsoft has just announced Win 12 but nothing about its version, system requirements, features. Later this year, Microsoft will announce the requirements for the Win 12 system.

The model that Microsoft is using is that twice a year a new version of Windows (called a feature update) will be released. This feature update will include any new functionality and features available for Windows and will underestimate the old features.

How to Manually Update Win 12

  • Select the Start (Windows) button from the bottom-left corner.
  • Go to Settings (gear icon).
  • Select the Update and Security icon.
  • Choose the Windows Update tab in the sidebar (Circular arrows)
  • Select Check for updates. If there is an available update, it will begin downloading automatically.

Windows 12 System Requirements

Now that we know the information about Windows 12 operating system, we must point out the system requirements required for Win 11 update. With each new update, comes a new requirement without which you will not be able to access the updates. Here are the basic requirements you can expect from future Windows 11 updates.

CPU 2GHz or SOC or Other faster processor
STORAGE 16 GB for 32 bit and 64 GB for 64 bit
RAM 1GB for 32 bit and 4GB for 64 bit
GRAPHICS Microsoft DirectX 9 or WDDM 1.0 driver
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 and above

Note: For the rest of the requirements, you have to do it until Microsoft itself makes an announcement.

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Expected Features of Win 12

1] Win 12 Pack will be a great window to solve all the design and internal processing problems of the systems.

2] We can also expect the fastest Internet Explorer in Win 12, as Windows 10 “EDGE” Explorer works best but then again we need a fast browser like Chrome.

3] Honestly, the news that Microsoft’s upcoming Win 12 will focus entirely on VR is not surprising to us.

4] The newly designed window will change the design from left to right and feature more shortcuts for quick access to the necessary files.

5] Redmond wants to make Giant VR available to the general public and affordable.

6] Windows 10 had a lot of bugs like Windows 10 memory management error and bad pool header problem, hopefully, these will be fixed in Win 12.

Win 12 Price

If anyone is talking about a Windows 7 or higher invoice price, they will receive a notification near Taskbar Clock that allows them to save and upgrade their system for free by December 2020. For those using Win 7 with a pirated version or earlier, pay $809.00 and purchase a Win 12 license.

Bottom Line

You all have to wait for Win 12 to come officially. Many will tell you about the various types of updates you will see on their official website. Because many websites are wrong information. If you get anything good after this article, please let us know.