An 8 Step Guide to Efficient Content Planning for Social Media

Welcome to Social Brighton. In this article, we’re going to provide you with suggestions on how you can create an appropriate social media plan for your company. We’ll discuss: how to establish objectives as well as understand your customer’s needs and create amazing content, manage your time and resources, evaluate and improve performance, as well as how to engage your entire company.

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Each business is unique, so there isn’t one perfect method; however, we hope you will find this helpful starting place. If you need assistance with a more specific approach and would like to learn more about what social media can do to benefit your business, contact us. We’d love to assist you!

We assist businesses in creating and implementing customized Social Media strategies. We accomplish this by regularly conducting training sessions in conjunction with organizations, aiding them in launching their strategies and continuously improving social media advertising effectiveness.


What is a plan for social media?

A social media strategy is the most comprehensive strategy marketers use to define the success of social media.

It also includes the use of best practices, the appropriate platforms, a variety of other strategies, and a planned content calendar.

1. Set Your Mission and Your Goals

The best place to start your content strategy is to define the strategy for marketing content. Purpose description. It’s a short declaration that helps identify what’s essential – and not when it comes to creating content to ensure that your content marketing strategy is on the right course.

A mission statement for content marketing provides:

Your target audience

The content you’ll be using to connect with them

The benefit they’ll reap

Here’s an example taken from’s About page.

2. Brainstorm campaign ideas and then post them on the internet

With your list of topics before you, you can create! Just… think! Write! Do it!


Note down every idea you have that fits the following criteria:

It’s related to one of the subjects you’ve chosen.

It’s linked to your goals in marketing.

It’s not as easy for you to “think of ideas,” even for those who work at keyboards all day long for an income. The way you think of ideas is up to you, but here are some ways that I am motivated:

3. Decide where you want to be

Your social media account can provide you with the CLEAR location.

The plan you create should contain the following list of goals to help you envision the future of your social media achievement.

Do you not take the time to define your objectives?

This is the way to fail.

The ability to distinguish goals is essential for effective content-related decisions.

4. Find out how to reach the destination

Imagine your social media strategy as a guideline.

Your social media strategy will give you directions on how to get to Point A (where you are right now) towards Point B (where your goals are).


Also, the plan you create will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to your desired success.

Two of the most critical components of your plan?

A content strategy and a plan.

Without these tools, your social media strategy will fail.

5. Establish Your KPIs

The best method to meet objectives is to define them as specific and quantifiable. This means establishing KPIs for key performance metrics (KPIs) that you can use to develop your strategy for marketing content.

KPIs can help you determine if you’ve met your objectives by giving you milestones to mark off. They’ll detail what you intend to achieve in terms of revenue, sales, traffic SEO, traffic, and various elements of marketing digitally, such as social media and email marketing metrics.

Create Buyer Personas

If you have data on your demographics and customer feedback, You can develop or expand buyer personas. Buyer personas, sometimes referred to as avatars of customers, define your ideal customers and readers to allow you to focus your content more effectively.

The most effective customer avatars contain information about your client’s problems and issues, information sources, and motivational factors for behavior.

If you’re aware of all this will give you more understanding of

What kind of content that your target audience will react to

How can this help them?

What is it that will cause them to care about it?

6. Choose the content mix you want to use

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel every day. A well-designed Social media or content marketing strategy includes fresh and well-curated content. But what do you curate? Where did you source it? How often?


The best content curated by a curator includes:

Relevant to your target market.

It is related to one of your topics for your content (from 1.).

It is connected to the goal of the business.

Each piece of content that ties in with the other content you share on social media matters more than the quantity you publish, but a common mix of content is 40 percent original and 60 percent carefully curated. Of course, you can adjust this either based on your personal preferences and production capabilities for personal content.

On certain days, you might publish more content curated than others but generally adhere to your strategy. The best way to make sure that you don’t go overboard? Make one post, share one post, and then repeat!

7. Figure Out the Best Content Channels

While you go through this process, you’ll begin to understand what your target audience is hanging out and the areas where there are areas where you currently have a strong web website. It’s best to concentrate on the working areas and then expand on that basis, rather than trying to tackle everything in one go.

To be sure you’re sure, examine your web analytics. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > Social and then Overview to look at the primary social networks on which your content is distributed. In our example, most of the social content takes its place on YouTube.

8. Plan the content ahead of time

Last but not least, the most important thing is scheduling. I don’t have to remind you that scheduling your content in advance is crucial for basic efficiency. However, it’s the only aspect that can determine the success or failure of your whole social media marketing plan. There’s no pressure.


But what’s the purpose of content planning and following the steps outlined here when you’re unable to prepare that content systematically, efficiently and strategically? Exactly.

The possibilities for improvements are endless. If you’re not using Hootsuite, take a look and discover how much time you can reduce the time spent scheduling posts. Additionally, team collaboration with precise analytics, advertising control, monitoring social and more, all in one handy location.

You can make single posts using Composer or boost your productivity to eleven with the adored bulk upload tool, which allows you and 350 of your most popular posts are scheduled in just two minutes.


If you’re seriously interested in your social marketing via media (and it is! ), Before you start, you should put in the effort to create an extensive social media plan. This will help make the social media advertising stand out and produce the results you’ve been searching for.