Best canon cameras buying guidance in 2021

Finding the best canon cameras are very difficult nowadays. Because every company says and advertises that their products are better than any others. So, whom do we trust? The answer is we better trust someone who has experience in cameras and checked the qualities before reviewing. Well, before writing this content we have checked the best canon cameras. It doesn’t matter either you are a beginner or a pro at the photography section. If you read this content attentively you will able to know which camera is best for you.

The canon company started its journey in 1934. This is a Japanese multinational corporation company. Besides cameras, they produce lenses, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. During their early journey, the company didn’t have any facilities to produce its own optical glass to make any lenses. Some years later they made Japan’s first 35 mm focal-plane-shutter camera. Nowadays almost everyone knows about Canon company and its product.


Best Canon Cameras for Professional Photographers:

If you are a professional in photography then you already know which one is good for you. But honestly, if you think of buying a new camera, you must search on google for the best camera. No matter how professional you are in photography if you don’t know the gears’ features, how can you buy it? On this point, I would like to suggest to you that before buying any product you must research about it. And also remember when you thinking about buying online products look carefully that either it is trustworthy or not. Try to order somewhere trustworthy companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Ali express.

1- Canon EOS R5:


Price: 3899$

Are you looking for the best canon cameras within the best budget? Then Canon EOS R5 is the best choice for you. The condition of this camera is admirable. This camera’s 45 megapixels photo at up to 20 frames per second (fps) will lure you to buy this camera. You can record videos either 4K, 1080p, or even 8K. This model provides a built-in up to 8 -stop image stabilizer that protects against camera shake.

This model’s high-speed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will help you to take photos in low light. You don’t need to use a flashlight when you are using high ISO. The Canon EOS R5 contains a high-speed mechanical shutter continuous shooting up to 12 frames per second (fps). The electronic silent shutter is up to 20 frames per second. This model has built-in Wifi and a Bluetooth system. You can share photos and videos by using if or Bluetooth.

There are 5940 autofocus positions in this model. The DIGI X image processor is used in this camera. This model has a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1/8000 seconds shutter speed option. For wedding photography, this model could be the best choice according to its price. You can start your wedding photography profession with this model. If your budget is higher then go for another model but this is one of the best choices for beginners.

2- Canon EOS-1D X Mark III:

EOS-1D X Mark III:

Price: 6499$

If your budget is high then I suggest you buy Canon EOS- 1D X mark III. This is one of the most powerful Digital Single-lens reflex (DSLR) among this series. This camera is best for weddings, wildlife, and other categories of photography. This is one of the best choices for wedding photographers. DIGIC X image processor used in this camera. Featuring a Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensor with having 20.1-megapixel image quality.

The continuous shooting rate of this camera is 16 frames per second (fps) with 20 frames per second (fps) optical viewfinder or live view system. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III offers you to capture 4k videos at 59.94 fps. This camera is capable to reduce heavy shadows and blown-out highlights, delivering movie images with approximately 12 stops of dynamic range for excellent shadow and highlight detail. The ISO range of this device is 100-102400 but users can expand this up to 50-819200.

Canon EOS- 1D X mark III uses deep learning technology so that photographers can track the subject’s face and head. This device has 191- points (AF) autofocus system to track the subjects. If you need to share photos with your friends then you can do this. To share your photos you don’t need any computer or any other PC. You just need a smartphone to share your captured photos. Yes! I am talking about Wifi and Bluetooth system. You can easily share your photos by connecting your camera to your smartphone. This can change shutter speed minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1/8000 seconds. In low light use lower shutter speed and in brighter light use higher shutter speeds. If you are seeking the best canon cameras on the best budget then this one is for you.

3- Canon EOS-1D X Mark II:

Best canon cameras for professional photographers

Price: 5999$

A few days before one of my friends asked me to suggest to him some of the best canon cameras. Then I was suggested this model from the canon series according to his budget. This camera offers you to capture photos up to 14 fps with RAW or JPEG full resolution. FPS can expand up to 16 in live view mode. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is best for video recording. You can record 4k video at up to 60 fps.

Do you love low-light photography? And searching for the best canon cameras for low-light photography within a good budget? Then Canon EOS-1D X Mark II could be the best choice for you. This camera delivers a standard ISO range. The ISO range of this device is 100-51200 but this range can be expanded up to 50-409600. This model also provides Wifi and Bluetooth system. Durable and rugged magnesium alloy body used in this device.

4- Canon EOS R6:

Canon EOS R6

Price: 2499$

If you want to take photography as professionally but your budget is not very large then you can buy this device. This device will give you professional qualities photos and videos. Canon EOS R6 provides the 20.1-megapixel image. The image processor used in this device is DIGIC X. You can capture 4k videos at 60 fps with this device. This device is especially suitable for wildlife and journalism photography. Because this Canon EOS R6 has an electronic silent shutter mode and users can capture photos up to 20 fps.

Responsive Dual Pixel CMOS AF II has used in this camera and it has 1053 autofocus point. The ISO range of this device is 100-102400 and users can expand it up to 100-204800. This device also contains eyes and head detection system. Canon EOS R6 has in-body image stabilizer system that provides 8 stops of shake correction. Built-in Wifi Bluetooth system added to this device.

Best canon cameras for the beginners:

If you love to take photos like nature, wild animals, wildflowers, sky, etc habitually. Or thinking about learning photography that’s why want to buy a camera at low prices and after that, you will shift into professional gear then I better suggest you these cameras. Pick up one of these cameras according to your budget.

1- Canon EOS Ra:

Canon EOS Ra for professional photography

Price: 2499$

If your budget is near 2500$ then I suggest you buy Canon EOS Ra. If anyone asks me which are the best canon cameras within this budget? I will put this model on the top ten list. Canon EOS Ra includes a 30.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. The video quality of this camera is satisfying. You can record 4k at 29.97 fps videos through this camera. And also record HD videos at 119.9 fps. During recording, this camera can correct the distortion problems. This camera offers to take time-lapse or hyper-lapse videos. DIGI 8 image processor used in this device.

Users can use 100-40000 ISO speed. And this ISO speed can expand into 50-102400. You have to set up the ISO speed range from the ISO menu settings. The Dot-matrix LCD panel is attached to this device to help you to see the real-time settings information. A silent shutter feature was also added to this camera. Eye detecting option also added on this device but the Wifi and the Bluetooth system aren’t allowed in this camera.

2- Canon EOS 5DS R:

Best camera for starter

Price: 1499$

Are you looking for the best canon cameras for starting your photography journey? And you want a camera at low prices? You can try this camera as a starter.

50.6 megapixel CMOS sensor used in this device. May it is the highest resolution camera sensor in the history of EOS. DIGIC X image processor used in this device. There are 61 points of the high-density reticular autofocus system. Up to 61 cross-type autofocus points added to this device. Canon EOS  5DS R brings the anti-flicker feature which helps to take accurate photos under cycling lighting situations. Minimum 100-6400 and expandable up to 50-12800 ISO includes in this device.

To be honest this camera isn’t good for videography/cinematography. You can record only 1920✖1080 (Full HD) and 1280✖720 (HD) videos through this camera. The time-lapse video system also added to this camera. Canon EOS DS R can continuously shoot up to 5.0 fps. Built-in Wifi system includes to this device.

3- Canon EOS RP:

Canon lowest price camera

Price: 1039$

Let me introduce you to a little jam. Canon EOS RP is one of the best canon cameras at the lowest price. This camera is very small and that’s why very comfortable to carry.

The Canon EOS RP has 26.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 8 image processor. This camera’s ISO sensitivity is 100-40000 but if you want you can expand it up to 50-102400. You can take 4k, full HD, and HD videos with this camera. The wifi and Bluetooth system also includes in this camera. Canon EOS RP includes 5 frames per second (fps) mechanical and electrical shutter.

4- Canon EOS R:

Best canon cameras for beginners.

Price: 1799$

If your budget is approximately 1800$ then you can buy this camera. You may already come to know that which canon cameras are the best for you. Canon EOS R camera’s functions are more like Canon EOS RP. But these cameras’ mechanical and electrical shutter is more than Canon EOS RP. This camera’s mechanical and electrical shutter is 8 frames per second (fps) where Canon EOS RP’s shutter is 5 fps.