Download KMSPico for active your windows 10- Latest version

KMSPico: Before start, I would like to share some information with you. This information for those who are beginners in using windows PC. There are also some pro users who don’t know what is KMSPico and how it works. So, I am here to give you some advice/information.

Well, the full meaning of KMS is is “Key Management System”. KMSPico is a tool that offers windows users to active their windows free of cost. A question may come to your mind that why and how KMS serving us windows activator free of cost.  We already know that Microsoft works with many small and big companies. The people of those companies have the problem of verifying the windows or other products they are using.
To eradicate this problem Microsoft assigns the Key Management Server (KMS). Using the Key Management Server they don’t need to enter the windows key to activates their Microsoft products.

Active your inactive windows step by step

If you are a windows user then this picture is pretty familiar to you. Isn’t it? And you are desperate of getting out of this problem. If you are looking for a solution that “how to active your windows” then well, you come to the right place. I am gonna show you the process that how to active your windows 10. This process needn’t any activation keys.

How to download KMSPico:

To active your windows 10 first, you need to download KMSPico. To download this package “Go to” the link.
[Note: We can’t provide any outbound links because of AdSense issues.] That’s why we giving you the picture of the link.

KMSPico download link

1- Click on the “Download” button to download the pack. This is a zip file and you need to unzip it.

Download windows 10 activator for your pc

2- After downloading the file you have to extract the file. Select the file and press the left button on your mouse. Now select the extract here option. This file will require a password to unzip it. The password is (111).

Activate you windows 10

When you completely download the file you have to deactivate your all antivirus application. Before active windows 10 let’s learn how to deactivate the antivirus. I am using windows defender as virus protection. So, here I will show you how you can deactivate your windows defender.

How to deactivate windows defender:

Step 1- Go to the windows menu bar and type on the search box “Windows security”. Or follow the picture.

Windows 10 activation process

Step 2- After going to the windows security click on the “Virus and protection” option. You will see the “Virus & threat protection settings” option and here you need to select the “Manage settings” option.

Active windows by using KMSPico

Step 3- You have to turn off all the real-time protection from here. Your windows defender is now deactivated. When your activation process is done you have to turn it on.

How to deactive your windows defendre

KMSPico Install and windows 10 activation process:

Step 1- After downloading the file we have to go to the file in order to unzip them. To know the unzipping process follow the previous process attentively.

KMSPico Install and windows 10 activation process

Step 2- After unzipping these files click on the “KMSCleaner v2.2 Portable”. If your PC is 32 bits then click on the first file. If the PC is 64 bits then select on the second file. My PC is 64 bits that’s why I am clicking on the “KMSCleaner_64”.

KMSPico Install and windows 10 activation process

Step 3- When you click on one of the following options you will see this interface. Here you have to click on the “Delete KMS-Service and cleaning system”.

Windows activation process

Step 4- Now we will work with the first file. So, click on the “KMSAuto Net 2015v3.8 Portable” file.

windows activation process

Step 5- When you click on this file you will see the “KSMAuto Net” application file. Just double click on in.

Windows 10 active without product keys

Step 6- After clicking on the KMSAuto Net file you will see this interface. This option offers you activation and the information option. Here you have to click on the “Activation” option in order to activate the windows.

KMSPico installing process

Step7- If you want to activate the windows you have to click on the “Active windows” option. If you want to activate the office you have to click on the “Active the office” option. I want to activate the windows so I am clicking on the “Active windows” option.
You will see gratings on the blue box that shows that the “Product Successfully Activated.”  Thus you can active your windows.

Windows activation