How to turn on an hp laptop without power button fix easy way

Your HP laptop will not turn on after pressing the power button? When you last started your laptop it was working normally and suddenly it was not turning on. Like many other machines, laptop computers have broken down. Your HP laptop cannot be powered by criminals like faulty power supply, faulty screen, hardware problems, etc.

How to turn on the laptop without the power button? There are several ways to solve this problem which we provide now. If the power button on your laptop doesn’t work, you’re probably wondering if you can use any other method to turn on your laptop. Laptops have functionality that will not cause problems for your HP computer.

Methods include using an external Windows keyboard, enabling Windows to access the LAN, opening the case, and adjusting the motherboard button. These modifications can work great on HP Pavilion laptops, HP Stream laptops, HP Envy laptops, and much more. Before throwing your laptop out the window, try these solutions.

You can use one of the methods below to launch your system and access your useful files. Keep reading to use step-by-step methods, so that you don’t have any problems and your problems can be solved unnecessarily. Let’s take a look at some of the possible ways to use it to restart your laptop.


Why not turn on my HP laptop?

There are several situations where your HP laptop will not turn on: something happened while pressing the power button, your screen has nothing to do with your laptop’s lights, or your computer will show you an error message on a black or blue screen, etc. The light may still be on when you press the power button, but your laptop screen may not work.

Generally speaking, if your laptop does not run out of battery, this problem may be due to a weak battery or external hardware, or your battery is damaged and cannot provide battery power to your computer, even if your laptop does not run press the power button. Any issues related to the screen of your HP laptop may cause it not to turn on.

There may be a problem with your device’s power supply. The CMOS battery is not working properly. If new hardware is installed, it can cause power issues. This type of problem can occur if the components of the laptop do not work. Don’t worry the HP laptop won’t fix the problem. Try it!

How to turn on an HP laptop?

The only real way to turn on most HP laptops is to press the power button. Some have it on the side, others have it in a corner at the back, others still have it just above the keyboard on the bottom half of the laptop. The power button will be located in a slightly different location depending on the HP laptop you have.

In many cases, you may be able to solve the problem yourself by ordering replacement parts or adjusting your laptop’s configuration. If your laptop does not power up, a faulty power supply can cause faulty hardware or a faulty screen.

1] Check the power supply and battery

Plugin its charger and try restarting the HP laptop again. Make sure you are using the correct charger. If you can, try using another one, or a different USB-C cable. If your HP laptop does not turn on after plugging in, start by checking the power supply. You should know that you cannot turn on your laptop if the power source is not working properly. If you can harden your laptop without installing a battery, the problem is not the power supply, it’s your battery. So, first of all, you should fix the problem with your battery and make sure that it is working properly.

If the battery is damaged, you should replace it with a new battery and try restarting your laptop. Or you can remove the battery and connect the charger to your laptop to solve the problem. If the AC adapter or cable is defective, consider repairing it.

By now, you will have a fair idea that HP laptops can’t work if the power source fails to work properly. Use a separate AC adapter to boot the device. If these tips are followed properly, HP laptops will not turn on.

2] Diagnose screen problems on your HP laptop

The real problem is probably with the screen. It is not impossible to fix a broken screen, you can read our article here on how to do it. Additionally, you can verify that the laptop’s fan, brightness buttons and LCD panel are not damaged. If your device is turned on without any images displayed, check that there is no damage to the LCD panel. If your laptop starts up with no image, the LCD panel may be damaged.

Do you hear the fan spin up? Try turning on the main screen brightness or any external display to see if the laptop is running. If the image is too weak after turning off the lights, the screen’s inverter fails and you need to replace it. Replacement screen may fail as inverter. Try plugging in an external monitor to see if it gets any pictures of you. Check that the brightness button is not damaged. The screen needs to be fixed or the device can be replaced.

3] Disconnect all external devices from your device

Disconnect any external drives, media or accessories and disconnect the laptop from any docking station, adapter or hub. Sometimes external devices can cause errors that shut down a laptop bootup. It may be “stuck” because the BIOS may try to boot from the removable storage device. Remove all USB drives and other devices and try to boot your computer. When everything is unplugged (without power) try restarting.

4] Hard reset your laptop

The hard restart method works like the wrist of many people who have the same problem on their laptop. Here’s how to do it:

Make sure your laptop is off. Remove the charger and battery (if you can), then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This will waste any remaining charge from the laptop.

5] Boot in safe mode

You will be advised to boot your laptop into safe mode. Booting into this mode will remove drivers as well as recently installed programs. After uninstalling these, your device will not be affected. Also, a new account will be created if the original user account is corrupted. If your original account is corrupted, it allows you to create a new account. So, you can no longer complain that your HP laptop will not work.

6] Try Replacing CMOS Battery

Another possible solution to the test is to replace a CMOS battery that stores BIOS settings on the motherboard. Replacing the CMOS battery is another helpful way to fix the HP laptop screen not turning on. This is especially true if you are running an old laptop that has a lot of shutdowns or the original battery has been removed. The new CMOS is very budget-friendly for battery replacement.

7] Check hardware

The last advance when diagnosing power issues is to check your equipment. On the off chance that you’ve as of late introduced equipment like another RAM pack, that could be the reason for your boot issues. Eliminate and reinstall your new equipment and attempt to boot once more.

Lamentably, at times the equipment in your PC, for example, your hard drive essentially comes up short and there is no simple fix.

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”Important”]If none of the above works, you’ll need to try taking the laptop in for repair. If it’s under warranty, consider taking it back to the retailer, or HP, otherwise find a well-reviewed and qualified repair shop. [/thrive_text_block]