List of Features to be Deprecated or Removed in Windows 11

In this article, we are going to list the features that will be deprecated or Removed in the much-awaited Windows 11 OS. Microsoft originally focused on the latest version of the Flash ship operating system, a new Start Menu, and the shiny new features brought in as widgets. Windows 10 users can upgrade to the new system for free, provided that the device meets all system requirements, or they can be in Windows 10.

There is a lot of information about new features, UI changes, and improvements. The company has also detailed all the features that will be deprecated or Removed from Windows 10 when users upgrade to Windows 11. Although the list of neglected features in the major Windows 10 releases was generally small, there are a number of notable features that will no longer work or be completely removed from Windows 11.


Deprecated or Removed

In addition to knowing if your PC can run Windows 11, you should also know that some items are being deprecated or removed. This is usually not a big deal. This continues as Microsoft continues to deprecated or removed items from Windows 10 versions. In Windows 11 you can expect a lot of new features and improvements. As with any new Windows release, you’ll see Windows 11 replace or replace various old features.

Here is a complete list of features that can be deprecated or removed in Windows 11. Microsoft has released a list of rejected or deleted features in Windows 11, the most expected deprecated or removed, but some changes are new. The biggest changes from the user’s perspective are the location at the bottom of the taskbar and the removal of application folders at the beginning.

Features Deprecated or Removed in Windows 11

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Start menu key deprecated or removed

Changes to the Start menu and taskbar make a great Windows 11 demo, but it pays to take a closer look at any magic tricks. Microsoft hopes that Live Tiles, which has been deprived of more capable widgets, will be replaced. You cannot create folders of named groups and applications with a fresh start. As a taskbar, Microsoft is taking away people’s icons and depriving developers of creating taskbar customizations in applications.

If you’re used to moving the taskbar up or down the display, I have some bad news for you: these options will not be available with the new dock-style user experience.

You will see the following functions from the Windows 11 Start menu deprecated or removed:

  • Live Tiles will no longer be available. There won’t be dynamic previews in the Start menu.
  • Named groups and application folders are no longer supported.
  • Pinned apps and sites will not migrate when upgrading from Windows 10.


Microsoft has confirmed that Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience. Siri and Alexa cried as one-time rivals Cortana. What does this really mean? All right, you don’t have to hear Cortana screaming, “Hi! I’m Cortana, and I’m here to help.” Pin the icon in the taskbar without being part of the iconic voice-assisted assistant.

There’s a little sign-in here, there’s a touch of Wi-Fi here and when you set up your new Windows 11 PC your PC will be ready for everyone ready for you. Another change to Cortana is that it can no longer be pinned to the taskbar by default. It is understood that Cortana’s re-work has only been given as an enterprise feature. And if that’s not enough, you can always uninstall Cortana from Windows.

Taskbar Functions

Some taskbar functions are modified/ removed in Windows 11 including:

  • The bottom position is the only location for the taskbar going forward.
  • People won’t be there on the Taskbar.
  • Apps can no longer customize areas of the Taskbar.
  • Some icons may no longer appear in the System Tray.
  • Alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed

Deprecated or removed Windows Timeline

Microsoft is removing the timeline feature from Windows 11. According to a support note on Microsoft’s developer documentation for the feature.  Windows 10 users signed in with a Microsoft account will no longer be able to upload new activities to the timeline until July 2020. It was originally used for chronological viewing of applications accessed on your PC. However, Microsoft has said that some features of the timeline will continue with Edge.

Internet Explorer is deprecated or removed

Internet Explorer is retiring soon and will be removed from the upcoming Windows release. It also mentions that Internet Explorer is disabled on Windows 11. Microsoft Edge includes proposed replacements and IE modes that may be effective in certain situations. Internet Explorer is gone for good in Windows 11.

Other miscellaneous features Microsoft removed with Windows 11 are as follows:

  • Math Input Panel
  • Replacement of Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch
  • Removal of the People section in the taskbar, and Wallet.
  • While Microsoft will no longer pack 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D, and Skype apps with Windows 11, you can always download them from the Store.
  • You can’t move the taskbar around – alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed. Oh, and if you are using S Mode, it is available only on Windows 11 Home Edition now.

Tablet Mode

Tablet mode, a feature that was around two decades ago, will eventually disappear in Windows 11. Tablet mode has been removed from Windows 11, but new features will be replaced to connect and disconnect keyboard mode. The company has greatly improved the touchscreen experience with its new Windows 11 desktop OS.

Snipping Tool, Math Input Penel & More

  • Perhaps the most misleading announcement on this list is that Microsoft has renamed the Snip and Sketch application to Snipping Tools; Legacy applications that previously received this name are disappearing.
  • Windows 11 will no longer have the Math input panel. In the replacement, Math Recognizer will be installed based on the requirements that include math input control and identifier. However, it will not have any effect on the inking of mathematics in applications like One Note.
  • Desktop wallpapers are not synced anymore when using a Microsoft account.
  • Touch keyboards will no longer dock and undo keyboard layouts on screens 18 inches or larger.
  • S Mode is only available now for Windows 11 Home edition.
  • News and interests have evolved. New functionality that can be found by clicking on the taskbar’s widget icon.
  • The status has been quickly removed from the lockscreen and significant settings.
  • Wallet is removed.