What is google drive app and How does google drive work?

google drive app

The Drive application is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google that enables the user’s cloud storage, file sharing, and collaborative editing. Publicly shared files on Drive can be searched by web search engines. Google Drive app is part of Google Apps and is responsible for synchronizing your files between different files and … Read more

Which one is the best price for Google Drive?

Which one is the best price for Google Drive

Google Drive allows users to use 15 GB of free storage.  We are able to store our data like images, videos, documents, etc within this limited storage. This storage is enough for personal uses. But when for a business or institutional account this storage is nothing for them. Still, some personal users on the internet … Read more

How to backup and sync on Google Drive

How to backup and sync on Google Drive

You can backup and sync on google drive using the Google Drive application on your PC. Syncing your files on google drive is important. This is very common that our necessary files are got corrupted by a virus or accidentally deleted. That moment when people lost their files from their devices they lose their temper. … Read more