5 ways for how to upgrade your laptop & make faster

In this article, I wanna show you how to speed up computers or upgrade your laptop. Laptops have become an essential tool of work and currently, most working people are using laptops on a daily basis. In that scenario, having a slow laptop can ruin and frustrate your daily work experience. Deciding whether to upgrade your laptop or buy a new one is a big decision.  Your laptop may be slow but that means you don’t have to replace it. With heavy use, your notebook will collect the extra volume of files and programs without mentioning a few literal dustbins. Parts will age and more software updates will be requested.

For most of us, laptops are an essential tool – for work and play – so things like speed and memory are a huge deal. Whether you’re hoping for better graphics, more RAM, or faster processing, here’s what you need to know before upgrading your laptop:

  • This process isn’t for the impatient.
  • Some upgrades could damage your laptop.
  • Upgrading can void your warranty.
  • Not all components can be changed out.

However, there are some hardware and software fixes that you should try before shopping for a computer. In a short time, a screwdriver and a few settings changes can make your laptop run like new. Here are 5 ways to speed up your system.


1] Upgrade your laptop processor✅

Let’s start with the big question. Your laptop processor is the reason for determining its functionality and as we would say otherwise, in most cases, the laptop processor could not be upgraded. And while we hate being a carrier of bad news, in most cases, you can’t upgrade your laptop processor. There are very few laptops that feature interchangeable processors but they are quite rare and hard to find.

Most processors are soldered directly to the motherboard, presenting a challenge to the average user, as removing your CPU will require removing it for the new one. This is one of the hardest parts to replace, and replacing it will definitely void your warranty. If the processor is changeable, you must ensure that it fits the same socket and can interact with the motherboard once the new CPU is installed.

2] Upgrading your laptop’s RAM✅

Anything running in the background will slow down your computer’s boot-up time and also leave resources for programs you’re not using. Fortunately, these are easy to turn off. Most laptop users allow their computer to upgrade their RAM by attaching a stick to the bogie.

You should have at least 8 GB of RAM. Several laptops still let you open them and the RAM is relatively low. Typically, you need to buy new memory for your own computer directly from an authorized dealer from a PC manufacturer. If you have 4GB, upgrade to 8GB, as the extra memory will probably cost you less than $25.

RAM is one of the easiest internal components to replace and most manufacturers will allow you to replace or add more without sacrificing your warranty. Before you embark on your journey, find out if your laptop supports the RAM standard and whether it can carry larger-capacity chips. In most cases, the old BIOS is limited to this fashion only.

3] Upgraded your Laptop operating system✅

In spite of mainstream thinking, you can change to an updated working framework without supplanting your PC. By and large, you don’t have to purchase an entirely different PC to get the most recent working framework. New age’s PCs are positively outfitted with the more current OS however you can likewise profit with them with simply some simple strides at your end. Indeed, more current workstations come outfitted with a more up-to-date OS, yet you can, by and large, introduce the refreshed framework with negligible exertion on your end.

For instance, if your PC is as yet running on Windows 8 and you need Windows 10, you’ll need to delete Windows 8 from your hard drive and download the more current variant. In the event that you have space, affirm the download. At times, you probably won’t have sufficient RAM to help the update.

On the off chance that you need more RAM, you ought to have the option to supplant it, no issue. However, in case you’re downloading the new OS with at least some expectations of quicker handling speed, you might need to think about buying another PC with a quicker CPU.

4] Upgrade your graphics card and Hard Drive✅

When it comes to gaming, a lot of people usually want to know how to upgrade a laptop graphics card (GPU). The bad news: You’re pretty stuck in your original GPU. Most laptop graphics chips are integrated into the motherboard or CPU. Larger laptops may use MXM which is technically an interchangeable technology, but fortunately, parts of fortune are for seekers. If you want to upgrade your graphics, the only option is to upgrade your entire laptop.

But there are other ways to improve the graphics capabilities of your laptop. You can buy an external unit for your laptop and connect it using a USB port. It allows you to experience advanced graphics that perfectly complement your laptop screen.

Most manufacturers allow a hard drive to be replaced by a larger hard drive or a traditional hard drive with an SSD hard drive. How much housing you need depends on how much you will spend on it. Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) is the only major hardware change you can make to speed up a laptop.

A 480GB SSD can approach $400 or $500 rather quickly, while a 1TB standard hard drive can cost just $50 or $100. This is very easy to do, hard-drive replacement is often serviceable for the user and does not void the warranty. An external hard drive is an interesting solution for many users because you can simply plug it into a USB port to get started. Also, you will be able to continue using it when you finish buying a new laptop. Although these solutions take up extra space and can be a bit slow, they are fairly inexpensive and maybe your only option.

5] Laptop Battery✅

The battery is quite possibly the main choosing segment in your PC’s exhibition. After two or three years of utilizing your PC, you will see a huge decrease in its exhibition that you can improve by overhauling your battery.

You can do it by supplanting your battery with a higher-limit one. While supplanting your battery, the outsider batteries may appear to be fascinating as they are estimated less expensive however they are not tried to the quality-control levels of your PCs and subsequently they ought to be kept away from. The most ideal choice is to purchase the authority form of your battery from the first PC seller.


Unused programs take up storage on your hard drive and can take up resources from the CPU. Quickly delete junk to free up space and processing capacity for computers. Run regular virus and malware scans to prevent something malicious from slowing down your laptop or worse.  Windows 10 makes it easy to turn off web results. Don’t let your laptop get too dusty or cluttered. Get short air cans and clean vents to give your processor and graphics card a breath of fresh air. Web browser Microsoft’s Edge isn’t fully featured yet, but it does have the advantage of being light and fast.