Apple iPhone 12 purple review, release date, prices and more

Apple promised that the purple iPhone 12 would be really, really purple, and it wasn’t wrong. Apple has just released a brand new color for the iPhone 12 Purple. Joining the colorful line-up on Friday, the new finish for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini is no restrained aubergine or Byzantium. Instead, you get a love-it-or-hate-it lilac with hints of charming lavender and it makes me excited and frustrated at the same time.

In Cupertino, USA, where the iPhone was designed, this color choice reflects the emerging feeling of the new spring season.

That is, some of them. Purple is a new optional color, to go with the existing black, blue, green, red, and white. We’ve had some time with the Purple iPhone, and we’re excited to show you what it’s like to see it in real life.

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The prices for the iPhone 12 are $1,349 for 64GB of internal storage, $1,429 for 128GB and $1,599 for 256GB. If purple is not for you the phone already comes in a multitude of colors including black, white, red, blue, and green.Apple iPhone 12 purple review, release date, prices and more

Apple iPhone 12 purple

Let’s get rid of it quickly; Technically, this is exactly the same iPhone 12 purple model that was released six months ago. The only difference is the color – a lilac-pronounced shade of purple.

If that’s enough to spark your upgrade lust, okay. But there are no additional technical attractions unless you consider the changes to iOS 14.5 this week, such as being able to unlock the iPhone using Face ID even while wearing a mask now. Overall, this is a reliable, powerful, well-designed phone with a great camera (although I miss the presence of a zoom lens), a fantastic screen, and acceptable battery life.

The design of the iPhone 12 lends itself well to this particular finish. The back of the glass is a little lighter in purple, the hard sheet looks almost creamy to my eyes. In contrast, the brushed metallic aspects are shady and dark. Purple is a clever color to get right, but I think Apple nailed it here. purple iphone 12

If you know that you want a purple iPhone but can’t decide which model to get, read our reviews about the iPhone 12 purple and iPhone 12 Mini. Of the two, I personally prefer the 12 Mini; It has the same capabilities in more hand-friendly forms at lower prices. That being said, my opinion has proved unpopular.

The iPhone 12 Mini is the least popular member of the iPhone 12 lineup, with many reporting that people are leaning towards larger models due to their larger screen and better battery life.iPhone 12 features

iPhone 12 purple features

The bonus feature of the iPhone 12 purple is that it is IP68 water and dust resistant which means it can survive up to 30 minutes in two meters of water. The phone has 5G compatibility and battery life easily lasts all day.

Apple offers its most expensive handsets in graphite, silver, gold, or Pacific Blue. The combination of polished metal frames and frosted glass backs is certainly a pleasing finish, but rarely as eye-catching as the purple iPhone 12 purple and iPhone 12 mini purple. Samsung’s colors are similarly cool: you can get your Galaxy S21 Ultra Silver, Black, Titanium, Navy, or Brown.

For one, the iPhone 12 has MagSafe capability, which means the device is easy to charge. Previous iPhones have wireless charging capabilities, however, it is easy to place an iPhone in the wrong place on a wireless charging pad so that it does not end up charging.

The iPhone 12, on the other hand, will be integrated with Apple’s new MagSafe chargers with a satisfactory magnetic click, which ensures that I always know the device is charging successfully.

Size and display

The iPhone 12 purple screen is diagonal and individually 6.1 inches. Great for watching bezel-less display videos nearby or when you need to do something like send an email or scan or sign a document. Also, its OLED Super Retina XDR display looks incredible and is one of the best displays I’ve seen on a smartphone.Size and display

The camera

There are three cameras in total. There are two 12-megapixel cameras on the back – a wide and a very wide front selfie camera of 12 megapixels. Video recording is impressive not only with the ability to record at 1080p but also with the ability to record 4K and HDR video with Dolby Vision up to 30fps.

It has two 12-megapixel rear lenses, a regular wide (1x) camera, and an ultra-wide (0.5x) camera. The iPhone 11 has some minor optical lens improvements, such as a ‘fast’ f1.6 aperture that lets the camera sensor give 27pc more light, but most of it is ‘computational’, a combination of Apple’s photo software and the power of its new chip.

An obvious improvement is a ‘lens correction’ feature. Using an ultra-wide (0.5x) camera, there is obviously less ‘distortion’, which means that the image direction and angles are not curved or curved compared to the iPhone, like the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera.

I have no doubt that Apple has some excellent market research that underscores its decision to purple its mainstream iPhone 12 purple family phone. Still, I can’t help but be a little disappointed to choose between a nice array of cameras or a more sporty finish on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Unboxing iPhone 12 purple 

In the box of the purple iPhone 12, you’ll find the iPhone, documentation (including an Apple sticker), and lightning to USB-C cable. The iPhone 12 models don’t include earbuds or a charging plug.

Immediately the striking lavender or violet color is beautiful to look at. The back of the phone has a shiny glass finish that wraps around the flat edges of the phone that take on a matt look.

Should you upgrade?

If you’re still using the iPhone 8 or earlier, this is a no-brainer. If you use an iPhone Xs or 11 it will come down to the screen, size, engine, and (probably) 5G. The camera experience is superior, but not so much compared to the iPhone 11.

If you are coming from Android, you will not be well acquainted with iPhone. This is definitely Apple’s best iPhone in a while.