Best pdf eBooks download and reading sites| 2021

We all love to read books. Many of us have our own private library. Sometimes we don’t get the book which we finding for. To eradicate this problem I’ve searched on the internet and found a lot of free book download sites. Some sites selling pdf books very expansive rate. Which is very hard to carry for a student. So, I’ve selected the best pdf book download sites for the students.


Lists of pdf download sites:

1- Many Books:

If you are looking for thousands of pdf book collections then this site is for you. Manybooks site offers you to read thousands of books free of cost. You can read the books online. Similarly, if you want to read the books offline then you can download them from this site. And can open them at any time. The many books community provides literature, science fiction, horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and many other genres of books.

 Download free pdf books from Many books site

2- Digi Libraries:

Do you need trending books for yourself? Fine, DigiLibraries is best for trending books. This site contains thousands of books. Over eleven thousand fictions, one thousand plus history, Periodical, Juvenile fictions, and hundreds of Biography, Drama, Literary, Poetry, Political science, Religion, Travel, and Science ebooks placed here. The quality of the ebooks is praiseworthy. You can download epub, pdf, or Mobi Kindle format.

Download free pdf from DigiLibraries

3- PDF books world:

This site allows premium users. But don’t worry you can still download certain books from this site for free. The premium memberships are allowed unlimited downloads. If you can afford then I suggest you become a premium user.  This site contains unique books for the users. The quality of the books is admirable. The available download format this site is Pdf, Epub, Kindle, and reader pro. You can either download or read online any of the books from this site. Hope you enjoy reading books from this site.

Pdf books download

4- Ardbark:

Ardbark is an online pdf book download site. You can download books from this site but can’t read online their site. You can only able to read the books when you download the books from this site. To be honest this site’s user interface is a little difficult and the book collection is less than other sites. There are over seven thousand books available on this site. This site displays books according to categories. Fiction, drama, novel, science, history, etc books are placed on this site. You don’t need any premium subscription to download books from this site.

Download pdf books from ardbark
download ebooks pdf

5- PDF Room:

If you are looking for manga pdf books then this site is perfect for you. This site contains a lot of manga books. Besides manga, you can also download medical, health, mathematics, and more other books. This site allows buying premium books. But if you are not willing to buy books you can download them free from this site. But the books will have watermarks on the pages. It’s not a big deal though. According to opinion, they have 116,810 books on their site. Like other sites, they also allow users contact options. They offer the registered users to upload their books as a new online user.

Downloads pdf books from pdf room

6- Guten Berg:

Do you need ancient, history, religion, philosophy, science books? Then this site is best for you. There are over 60,000 free books for users. This site was created in 1971. This site requires no registration fees. But you can support them by donating over Paypal. The available ebook format is epub,  HTML, Kindle, and Plain text. You can read the pdf without download it. This site allows reading online. Their category placement is very intuitive. The books are placed according to A to Z format.

Download your favorite books from Gutenberg

7- Get Free Books:

Well, in search of pdf Ebooks I found this site. This site’s decoration and books collection are separate from other sites. Their books are displayed in certain content. They suggest you read their content and then you can download the books. If you don’t like to download the book and loves to read books online you can do both. The downloaded file is only pdf format. To be honest this site is harder than other sites. So, my opinion of all beginner PC users is you can skip download ebooks from this site and follow the other sites that I speak before.


Download free books from get free ebook site

8- Free Computer Books:

Are you a computer engineer or seeking computer-related books? If you want to gain knowledge about computer science, programming, and so on, then the (freecomputerbook) site is best for you. There are lots of computer and electronics books placed on this site. Every computer science student should have known this site. You can read online on this site. This site also allows users to download pdf books from this site. You can direct print out books from their site. The downloaded format is pdf and Epub. You can search any books on the search box.

Download free ebooks from free computer books site

9- Children’s Library:

Are you looking for ebooks for your child? Well, then this site is the best. There are too many ebooks for children. The books are placed according to A  to Z category. You can search books according to languages, color, shape, format, genre, character, and true & believe. This site only allows read online. You can’t download any book from this site nor can read it offline.

Download pdf books from childrenslibrary

10- Easy Pace Learning:

You wanna upgrade your English grammar skill. Then this site is definitely best for you. You can get grammar, dictionary, phase, etc books from this site. Beside pdf books this site also talks about science materials. You can gain huge knowledge from this site. Do you need entertainment? Well, this site is really gonna entertain you. They have pictorial information about many things anatomy. Like airplane anatomy, animal anatomy, computer anatomy, human anatomy, health and safety signs, and so on. This site also allows users to exercise English. I personally use my off time scrolling this site.

Though their book collection is little their information is so good that you can’t ignore this site. You can gain computer knowledge from this site. They have written many computer-related articles.

Download pdf books from easy pace learning