What is a Fake Guru? How to Spot One in 2023

In a world where people are constantly connected to the internet malicious actors are everywhere. From corporations that are trying to indoctrinate you into buying their products to incel groups that are indoctrinating young boys into misogyny, falling into an unhealthy space is dangerously easy. And in such an environment online gurus have found fertile ground. After all, amidst such negativity, they spout wealth and prosperity. How is that possible? Why are they even propagating it? Are they even real?

All these questions and more can lead to the dark spiral of online gurus, and they clearly reveal that most of them are fake. These fake gurus abuse their influence over a vulnerable population to profit and boost their egos. To help you combat this cancerous disease in human society, and to keep yourself and your loved ones safe here are some key points on how to spot a fake guru in 2023.


Signs of a Fake Online Guru

They’re Rich for Seemingly No Reason

Fake Gurus have questionable sources of income
Fake Gurus have questionable sources of income

Most of these fake gurus use their social media influence to flex their wealth. They show how successful and rich they are so that they can seem as if they unlocked the secrets of life. But that’s all a facade. They’re building up that image to not only hide their own issues but also to create an inspiring prescient behind which people can rally. In a way, they’re creating a golden calf out of themselves. An empty shell with gold plating that only serves to gain followers.

They themselves are both the product and the creator of their own pyramid scheme. If you want to spot a fake guru must think about what their job is. All of them have massive mansions and a large number of cars, but where does that money come from? No fake guru has a clear or concise job that they can say earned their money. They’re all put under the guise of influencers but that can mean many things. Some of the most notable points are that their parents are rich, or that they use their influence to promote their own products. But the most likely way they earned their money is through their followers.

Any fake online guru worth their salt will promote classes along the lines of “how to be as awesome as me”, and through those classes, they funnel money from their gullible audience. A guru is essentially a scammer. They’re selling a perfect way to live life to their audience, without ever actually teaching them a worthwhile lesson.

They Show Signs of Sociopathy

Fake Online Gurus are sociopaths
Fake Online Gurus are sociopaths

If you look at a fake guru, you’ll notice they act weird. Specifically, all of the interviews, classes and interactions they have with other people show that they don’t really care or understand human behavior. They get baffled by basic empathy, angered by socially conscious behavior, and exhibit almost narcissistic tendencies.

If someone truly wanted to help you build a better life they wouldn’t promote selfish behavior that isolates you from your surroundings. But if they wanted to bleed you dry of your money, it sure would be beneficial to isolate you from your loved ones. Make you feel like you don’t belong, and your only place is next to them spouting their toxic propaganda.

Spot Their Enemies

Fake Gurus need enemies to antagonize
Fake Gurus need enemies to antagonize

The best way to spot if someone is a fake guru is by noticing who they’re antagonizing. If they’re thinly veiling their ideas as liberation, all the while attacking historically marginalize groups then they’re a scammer.

A fake guru was never a brave person. They never achieved greatness. So why would they antagonize someone strong, instead they’ll attack someone they know is marginalized or has had tenuous relations with the current establishment. By creating paranoia around a certain group, they get a carte blanche to attack them. If you’re interested in how that works, read Dictators by Richard Overy. By removing the voice of reason from their communities they get to create a black-and-white picture of the world with themselves as heroes.


If you want to better your life don’t rely on random fake online gurus. They were brought to your attention by online algorithms, and algorithms are designed to catch your attention and profit from you. Therefore if you need help in bettering your life it’s better to rely on your friends and family, and certified professional who built their careers in helping people with similar issues.