Code Visual Studio finally shows up on the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Microsoft code Visual Studio a legendary code editor, is finally in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. This is changing with Windows 11. In fact, today the company announced that you can get the Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio online community on the next generation OS from the Microsoft Store. In fact, the situation has gotten so bad that the Redmond firm couldn’t even get its own apps from its own store.

It didn’t take long for Microsoft to realize that this was a “terrible plan.” Because no one is going to rewrite their applications for “immature platforms” like the Windows Store. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code has become one of the most popular developer tools around. You can easily free download Code Visual studio Microsoft on this link with Windows, macOS, and Linux.


What is Microsoft Code Visual Studio Online?

VS Code is my most used and favorite editor. I love being able to customize the editor – changing the layout, the icons, fonts, and the color scheme is so easy! Visual Studio Code (popularly known as VS Code) is a free open-source text editor from Microsoft.

VS Code is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Although the editor is relatively lightweight, it has some powerful features that make VS code one of the most popular development environment tools in recent times. Version 1.60 is now available! Read about new features and solutions from visual studio code

The primary goal of the update is to create a more dynamic user experience for VS code users, make new and older users feel more comfortable using the code editor. Microsoft Store developers have been struggling for many years to use it as an app store. Microsoft itself has not yet been able to get all its own apps in the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, the Windows App Store has ridiculously failed to do so.

This article assumes you are already a user of VS Code and have previous experience using it, but if that’s not the case—you can check out and download VS Code.

Code Visual Studio

Many years ago Microsoft launched its App Store on Windows 8 but it did not help Windows users in any way. Now, it looks like Microsoft is changing it to Windows 11 and making its popular apps available in the App Store. In Windows 11, the Microsoft Store will go through a huge change that will allow developers to upload any Windows-powered app to the store.

Today, Microsoft announced that users will be able to access their own Visual Studio Code and Code Visual Studio (VS) online community from the Windows App Store in the next Windows version.

Visual Studio online

Built using GitHub’s cross-platform Electron Framework, Visual Studio Code is a full-featured, extensible, open-source code editor. Which supports a wide selection of programming languages ​​and frameworks from modern C, C ++, and C # to modern languages ​​such as Go, Rust, and Node.js.

The VS Code user interface allows for a lot of interaction compared to other text editors. To simplify the user experience, VS Code is divided into five main regions:

  • The activity bar
  • The sidebar
  • Editor groups
  • The panel
  • The status bar

Visual Studio 2022 finally shows up on the Microsoft Store

The latest release ships with a fresh start experience to onboard both new and existing users. These web variants are relatively easy to implement because VS code is created using web technology. The start-up experience was added to enable new and existing users to familiarize themselves with the VS code environment. And usually, they improve the onboarding experience using the tool.

They make it easy for you to get up and walk in this area with steps to customize your workplace. This scenario may change with the entry of the Windows 11 ecosystem. To get it in the Windows Store, the developers had to create a whole new app.

Fully featured, extensible, free IDE for creating modern applications is now free and available for Windows Insider. If you’re interested in publishing your Win32 app, give it a try today!

The company kept Office 365 (Microsoft 365) in the Microsoft Store for some time but later launched the app suite. Visual Studio has finally found proof of this in the Microsoft Store. This paves the way for the introduction of more complex applications on the platform. Both the Visual Studio Code and the Visual Studio community are now available for free in the Windows Store.VS Code

August 2021 (version 1.60)

Welcome to the August 2021 release of Visual Studio Code. There are many updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:

  1. Automatic language detection – Programming language is detected when you paste it into VS Code.
  2. Built-in fast bracket colorization – Fast bracket matching and colorization for large files.
  3. Settings editor syntax highlighting – Rich syntax highlighting for setting description code blocks.
  4. Custom terminal glyph rendering – Better display of box drawing and block element characters.
  5. Set debugging Watch values – Change watched values during a debugging session.
  6. Notebook improvements – Markdown link navigation, faster rendering of large outputs.
  7. JavaScript/TypeScript inlay hints – Inline hints for parameter names and types, and more.
  8. Locked editor group preview – Keep a preferred editor layout by locking the editor group.
  9. Python extension testing updates – Better support for test discovery, navigation, and status.
  10. Web extension authors guide – Learn how to update your extension for VS Code in the browser.

Why did we build Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code combines the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, such as IntelliSense codetermination and debugging. First and foremost, it’s an editor that goes out of your way. An enjoyable friction-free editing-build-debug cycle means spending less time with your environment and more time implementing your ideas.

VS Code includes rich built-in support for the development of Node.js, including JavaScript and Typescript, powered by the same built-in technology that runs Visual Studio. VS code includes great tooling for web technologies like JSX / React, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Less, and JSON.

Workspace Trust

This new security feature introduced by VS Code restricts our access to unknown source code. Security is an essential aspect of development, and it cannot be overemphasized. When you open a new folder in VS Code, you are prompted to choose whether you trust the folder or not.

You decide to trust the code, code execution works well and other features like debugging and extensions are enabled and you can fully access all the workspace settings.

If you choose to browse the folder in restricted mode, VS will disable or restrict code operation, debugging, workspace settings, and extension operations.

Now you prefer a code editor-centric development tool or are building cross-platform web and cloud applications, we invite you to try out Visual Studio Code and let us know what you think!